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    Concurrent Web Service Calls


      Dear All,


      I need to design a solution for my problem. So, Please help me.


      My Problem :


      We have one Web Project.  There we are using four tables called A, B, C, D.

      For each table, we had created on front-end page and we provided a button for save the record to respective tables.

      Now we need to share this each record data to another application using Web-Service integration.

      I have the knowledge on JAX-WS web service.


      We Identified the required fields and we created only one common WSDL for all four tables.

      When the user will try to save the record, at the time only i need to raise the web service call.

      Here we are fallowing the Synchronous web service. I.e. for every request system will wait for response from other end.


      Suppose, first i am trying to save the record in table A. so, i filled all required fields in form A, and i am trying to hit the save button. record saved in database as well as raised a web service request to other end, sent an record to server and waiting for response.....

      If in this mean while if again i am trying to another record for same form A (or) new record for form B.


      Then how to handle this kind of scenario, because already a thread was busy with server for their response. So, how to raise an multiple request concurrently as we as in synchronously.


      Please suggest me with the possible solutions that i can apply.

      An suggestion will be great helpful for me.


      (Sorry for my bad English)