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    Wrong DDL Script gets generated.



      I am using Oracle Data Modeler

      Steps I followed:

      USER A:

      1. Created Entity say T_EMPLOYEE and an attribute in it say EMP_ID.

      2. Created a Domain CODE VARCHAR(10).

      3. Assigned EMP_ID to Domain CODE

      4. Moved my project to subversion.


      USER B:

      1. Checked out the project.

      -- USER B do not have Domain CODE defined in his SQL Modeler

      2. Ran all Entities and Relational Design rules

      -- gets Design OK

      3. Generated DDL Script.

      4. Below script gets generated:

          Create Table T_EMPLOYEE (

                      EMP_ID varchar2  


      -- Varchar size of EMP_ID is not appearing in project logical model and relational model, nor it is there is DDL script as Domain CODE is not available with USER B Modeler.



      1. How to avoid such mistake as even design Rules is not able to check it ?

      2. Is it a bug or I am doing some mistake?