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    MS SQL Error on database re-extract


      So my previous post on the subject appears to have disappeared But anyway we are getting the following error when trying to extract SOME users Local Databases.



      DBCLog DBCLogError 1 00000101522d5e3c:0 2013-09-09 14:20:46 [Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]Index "S_STORE_COND_U1" on table "dbo.S_STORE_COND" (specified in the FROM clause) is disabled or resides in a filegroup which is not online.

      GenericLog GenericError 1 00000101522d5e3c:0 2013-09-09 14:20:49 (smisched.cpp (911) err=1376333 sys=0) SBL-SMI-00077: Component error, see the trace file for more information




      As I managed to re-extract a test user, when then created a brand new position (with no data) and assigned that to one of the problem users.
      Then, the re-extract worked OK.


      So..it seems to me there is a data problem with some of the data associated with these User(s).



      I don't expect anyone here can 'solve' that; but does anyone have some pointers on what to look at next?


      I've checked and the user is associated with 4 Assignment Rules..

      The Table mentioned S_STORE_COND (interestingly or maybe not, not sure) doesn't have any DOCKING rules..?
      There is certainly Accounts (2650) and Orders (650) associated with the problem position (for instance there is records in S_ACCNT_POSTN, S_ORDER_POSTN


      Short of going through each individual record with a fine tooth comb I'm not sure what to look out for?