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    Beehive conferencing not working - Help


      We need to use Beehive conferencing to work with Oracle technical support on an urgent issue, but I am having issues installing the client on Windows ?


      1) I downloaded the client from here --> https://beehiveonline.oracle.com/bcentral/action?page=downloadlanding&appId=Oracle+Beehive+Conferencing+Bootstrap%7Cwindows%7Call%7Cdesktop

      However, it prompts me for user name / password and does not install properly...


      2) When we try to connect using an Oracle suppor provided conference link, it prompts for "java based or desktop", but whatever I choose it tries to download software, and the software ends up in an install loop of some kind (hangs), or gives an MX port error?



      etc -- please add anything else to the post!