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    Creating flight recording for a JUnit Test




      (also posted this at https://forums.oracle.com/community/developer/english/fusion_middleware/application_server/jrockit which is the forum link on JRockit Mission Control)


      I'm trying to use the following JVM arguments to create a flight recording for the JVM that is created when running JUnit tests in Eclipse (these are added to the VM arguments for the JUnit run configuration):


      -XX:StartFlightRecording=name=default,settings=default -XX:FlightRecorderOptions=dumponexit=true,dumponexitpath=d:\dumponexit.jfr


      I see the following on the console (not sure if this is just sysout or slf4j logging to the configured console appender)


      Started recording 1. No limit (duration/maxsize/maxage) in use.
      Use JFR.dump name=default filename=FILEPATH to copy recording data to file.


      But when the JUnit test completes and terminates there is no file created.


      Any ideas?