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    OdiOSCommand - does not terminate when child are running in background


      Hi experts,


      I have below situation. Any help will be appreciated.


      - Calling a unix script "main_job.sh" using OdiOSCommand.

      - main_job.sh perform few steps and at the end call another shell script "bg_chk.sh" in background using "nohup and &" which runs for few hours.

      - The main_job.sh terminates after calling "bg_chk.sh" but OdiOSCommand  does not terminate and wait until  bg_chk.sh to finish. when I checked the active processed in unix "ps -ef" I found only "bg_chk.sh" is running.


      Question is why OdiOSCommand  waits even its own command "main_job.sh" terminates. ODI should not have any visibility to bg_chk.sh. And how to avid this.


      Command for reference

      OdiOSCommand :

      OdiOSCommand "-OUT_FILE=#MDW.v_om_log_file_name" "-ERR_FILE=#MDW.v_om_err_file_name" "-FILE_APPEND=NO" #MDW.v_om_unix_command


      main_job.sh :

      nohup /odiscripts/bg_chk.sh &