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    How to get the epilogue of a mail




      There are methods in MimeMultipart to get the preamble of the mail. I need to parse through the epilogue also for my project.

      I tried checking in, but it was not helpful as there are no methods related to epilogue. Can u plz tel me how to get the epilogue of a mail.


      Thanks in Advance.

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          Bill Shannon-Oracle

          There's no direct way to get the epilogue.


          Hopefully you're not running into messages that use the epilogue for anything useful.

          RFC 2046 says:


             NOTE:  These "preamble" and "epilogue" areas are generally not used
             because of the lack of proper typing of these parts and the lack of
             clear semantics for handling these areas at gateways, particularly
             X.400 gateways.  However, rather than leaving the preamble area
             blank, many MIME implementations have found this to be a convenient
             place to insert an explanatory note for recipients who read the
             message with pre-MIME software, since such notes will be ignored by
             MIME-compliant software.


          While there's a reasonable use for the preamble, there's no suggestion of a reasonable

          use for the epilogue.


          What sort of real messages are you seeing that have data in the epilogue?


          The MimeMultipart parser should stop reading when it reaches the terminating

          boundary separator.  You might be able to continue reading the InputStream

          after that point to access the epilogue.