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    Defaulting Value in Poplist/Picklist

    Ejaz -Oracle

      Hi Gurus,


      Can you please let me know if it is possible in Fusion SaaS to change the Default value of a Picklist.

      I want to change the value in “Require Acknowledge” field to “Document” by default.


      Login Calvin.Roth -> Navigator -> Purchasing -> Create Agreement.

      Enter Supplier Details then Create button


      Your help is much appreciated.

      Thank you.

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          Richard Bingham-Oracle


          I see the default is blank, so at least the user has to select something. In terms of defaulting in one of the choices in the list:


          a) Most of the more significant defaults are set via configuration values, user preferences, or profile options. Looking at the Purchasing Setup and Procurement Options pages I don't see this however.  I know in E-Business Suite the same could be done using the Purchasing Options for an organization, via the Acceptance Required Flag in the Document Defaults section. This, however, does not exist in Fusion Apps (but you probably knew that).


          b) Regarding field customization in SaaS, unfortunately LOV fields (selectOneChoice) are not strongly supported by Page Composer for customization of values, mainly because the content (and therefore the default) of the component is processed at runtime, therefore it's definition cannot expose these values for customization. You can see what I mean by looking at the current VALUE property for that LOV field  - '#{bindings.AcceptanceRequiredFlag.inputValue}' basically saying the selected value comes from whatever the code evaluates when it runs. Obviously if you were looking at JDeveloper customization then you could dig deeper and potentially control this - but that is not for SaaS.


          As such I recommend option 1 - not helpful short-term I know, but it seems like a good option to add to the product.

          Kind regards


          Fusion Applications Developer Relations

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            Ejaz -Oracle

            Hi Richard,

            Thank you very much for the answer.

            Best Regards,