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    CM 14 and BI Publisher

      I am currently using CM 14 and BI Publisher for the reports. When I create a report, it makes all of the sentences run back to back, even if I have pressed enter between sentences and spaced them out in CM 14.

      Is there a way to format this to make it reflect what is entered in CM14?

      Thanks in advance.

      Example in CM14:
      1) This is sentence one
      2) This is sentence two

      Example in report:
      1) This is sentence one 2) this is sentence two
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          Janette Caceres -Oracle
          Dear Mac105/944485,

          Thank you for contacting Oracle Customer Support for Primavera.

          Please notice that this is a known issue in Contract Management 14 and integration with BIP. Currently there are no work arounds.
          This issue is on the BI Publisher side for which bugs were created earlier. I would recommend you contact the BIP Support team to see if they have any potential workarounds to solve this issue.


          Please let me know if you have any further questions.

          Oracle Customer Support
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            is there any fix yet for this? this kills reports/forms in CM14.

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              Rudy Ising

              Dear Laban_user,

              If you build your form or report layout using the Desktop Publisher (Word) tool as an RTF template, you will find that paragraphs print correctly as expected.  If you use the default Oracle forms that were built in the BI web-tool for layouts, then yes, remarks will print as one block, and while it's identified as an issue, as far as I know it has not been resolved.


              Of course, while you can re-use the datamodels provided, you would have to re-create the layouts (RTF) from scratch to fix.


              Hope this helps.

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                thanks for response Rudylsing,  hopefully Oracle will release SP or update with forms/reports that work out the box.