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    How to add 1 node on 2 different hiearchies at one time




      I have 2 DRM hierarchies that must contains the same leaf node (but have different parents).

      So when users are adding a leaf node they have to add it on the first hierarchy then move to the second hierarchy and insert it again.


      Is it possible to ease the process so that they are adding the member on only one hierarchy and then on the property tab, put (in a new property) the name of DRM parent node of the second hiearchy.
      So that DRM have the information to automatically create the member below the right parent on the second hierarchy.


      Do you know if this is possible and if yes, could give me some hints about property to use ?



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          Murali Pasumarti

          There is no straight forward solution in DRM, If the users have direct access to DRM it's easy to perform an AddInsert like the way they are doing currently,

          If you don't like the idea, you can have them submit the new records in a template and you need to build an automated Action script to execute on to DRM.

          Otherwise if you wish them to add on your Primary and update the Alternate Parent as a Property on the Primary node, then you need to build an export in an Action script format and schedule it to make the changes onto DRM.