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    Issue with Reports




      We have developed custom report (RDF) with 10 SQLs which generate XML and attached a RTF template for output. It is working fine for couple of times and then failing with the below error ...



      XML_REPORTS_XENVIRONMENT is : /apps/ppsd2mgr/ppscde4ora/8.0.6/guicommon6/tk60/admin/Tk2Motif_UTF8.rgb XENVIRONMENT is set to  /apps/ppsd2mgr/ppscde4ora/8.0.6/guicommon6/tk60/admin/Tk2Motif_UTF8.rgb Current NLS_LANG and NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS Environment Variables are : American_America.UTF8 '.,' REP-0736: There exist uncompiled program unit(s). REP-1247: Report contains uncompiled PL/SQL. Report Builder: Release - Production on Fri Sep 13 22:51:08 2013




      We are not using any PL/SQL units in the reports


      Does anyone has any idea about the error..... this is a high priority issue. any pointers would be appreciated...