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      Hi Everyone,


      Hope all are doing good.


      I have one control block named CTRL_BLK. In this block i have a sub_element,platform_category,basis_type,rate,start_date and end_date.

      Here my form is the tabular form. By using this i can enter these values.


      So here first i have entered sub_element as Box,platform_category as GEN-1, basis_type as item,rate as 11,start_date as sysdate and end_date as 20-sep-2013

      and coming to the next record i have entered same values for first four items and for start_date i am trying to give a date that is in between start_date and end_date, But here my requirement is my form should not

      allow to enter date that is in between start_date and end_date for the same combination. It has to allow only the date that is should be grater than the end_date.


      For that what i need to do..

      Can anyone please suggest me.. 


      Thank you.