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    Alpha - J3DTimer - Animations


      I have been updating a program last released in 2005 (scanmap3d) that plays animations of network packets. The animation uses an Alpha object and keyframes.


      Because of the J3DTimer deprecation notices I tried to re-write the code with nanoTime(), however, the animations would never start, just hung at the 0 keyframe.


      Switching to (-1) looping in the Alpha showed the packets animating correctly, which led me to think it must be an issue with the start/trigger time.


      I have narrowed the issue down to using nanoTime() vs. J3DTimer and wondered if it possible that somewhere in the Alpha code is a reference to the J3DTimer value so that

      start times based on nanoTime aren't working properly?


      I haven't started digging myself and hoped that some other users of Alpha animations have come across this problem? Code is up on sourceforge if you want to have a look yourself.