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    Print pdf in OAF Forms


      Hi experts,

      I encounter a problem in my new clone environment.

      when I choose Maintenance Super User in Responsibilities then with  a instruction for work order tab I need to print data.

      but when I choose RTF or HTML or EXCEL for output my report generate successfully but when I choose PDF for output format I encounter this error:


      An error encounterd either due to invalied Template details or due to null Data Input Stream.


      please note that in my main environment there is no problem and this problem occured in my new clone environment.

      and also I should say I compare XDO: Numeric Characters profile option in two environments but it is same

      and also I Run concurrent program XML Publisher Template Re-Generator with ALL' parameter as metalink says.

      but the problem still exists.

      my ebs version is 12.1 and my db version is and my Os is hp unix itanium.

      please help me.


      Best Regards