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    Unable to load script resource


      Hi all,


      We have the next problem in a production environment.  The deploy was working without problems certain time and suddenly the next error appear.  We solved the problem redeploying the cartridge again but I don't know what is the cause of the error. 


      Any idea about it?


      <Notice> <Stdout> <AZSBRHE01AW> <AdminServer> <ExecuteThread: '11' for queue: 'oms.automation'> <<WLS Kernel>>

      <> <473ab483b5e7d919:-32f75c12:1408386c1af:-8000-00000000590e94d3> <1378394871385> <BEA-000000>

      <<05-Sep-2013 10:27:51,384 COT AM> <ERROR> <oraclecomms_osm_o2a_com_billing.updateData>

      <ExecuteThread: '11' for queue: 'oms.automation'>

      <[order ID=548 hist. ID=1309 task mnemonic=FulfillBillingUpdateDataSearchPurchasedProductTask]

      Unable to load script resource;

      error=Script resource [http://xmlns.oracle.com/communications/ordermanagement/pip/fulfillbillingmodule/AutomaticTasks/updateSearchPurchasedProduct.xqy],

      resolved to


      but nothing exists at that location.>


      Script resource [http://xmlns.oracle.com/communications/ordermanagement/pip/fulfillbillingmodule/AutomaticTasks/updateSearchPurchasedProduct.xqy],

      resolved to [osmmodel:///OracleComms_OSM_O2A_COM_Billing/]

      but nothing exists at that location.

        at oracle.communications.ordermanagement.automation.plugin.k.getScriptResource(Unknown Source)


      Thanks for the help.