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    JMS not picked up properly




      I am facing JMS issue while submitting order from shop server. Orders are getting placed successfully but their state remain SUBMITTED only.

      When I restart JBoss server, Old messages getting picked up and processed but new orders are still in submitted state.

      This is happening on UAT environment. On development it is working fine.


      Can someone please point me if some configuration change is required.



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          Nitin Khare

          Depending on whether you are using ATG's fulfillment or a different fulfillment system, ensure that it is configured and integrated in your environment. When an Order is submitted it remains in the SUBMITTED state and moves to PROCESSING state only when it is picked up by fulfillment. In processOrder pipeline chain the sendFulfillmentMessage processor sends the event to Fullfillment server. You can check if the pipeline chain is completing successfully after calling the sendFulfillmentMessage processor and is there is any error in the logs or transaction rollback happening. You can enable loggingDebug on the components and on TransactionManager (in case there is a transaction rollback happening) involved. See if there is any error or if you can get more details related to your issue.

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