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    Markup save option UI custom


      Dear All,


      I looking for the method Markup save option UI custome.


      When save the markup, we can select the type"Normal, Master, Consolidated"

      This is default save option. But I`m looking for the fixed save option method. Just only normal type select and disable the select.


      I`m looking for advice or how.




      Please help us.




      DJ in Korea.


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          Graham Mckendry-Oracle



          I assume you're referring to an integrated AutoVue solution. Is this for one of the Oracle VueLink integrations (e.g. VueLink for Documentum or VueLink for UCM), or is it for a custom integration using the AutoVue ISDK.


          If it's for a custom integration using AutoVue ISDK, please refer to the AutoVue ISDK Technical Guide, specifically Section 7.3 ("Handling Markups"). It explains how to customize the response from your integration to the AutoVue server.