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    replication from oracle to sqlserver gettnig out of synch . No filters used. No errors showing.


      we have Ora11.2.0.3 to SQL2008r2--  one way replication target is  read-only.

      - we have problems with real-time synchronization

      - i think we have problems with capturing changes that include PK columns on source records (plus changes to non-PK columns).

      - currently we include only PK columns and 'Filtered'  columns in supplemental log groups (using cols() statement).


      - we were getting 'data not found' errors on target.  so we added 'handlecollisions'  on replicat to solve that error.


      - we are now seeing mismatch record counts between tables on source and target.


      -we think this is related to PK value changes on source records, in combination of filters (in datapump).


      - so we took out the filters (in datapump) and running with no filters


      !!!we still get synch problems (no errors or abends)


      1)???do we need to include all table columns in supplemental log group?


      2)???if PK value is changed, how does GG send a 'DELETE'  to the target so that there is no orphan record there?


      Please advise