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    getDocumentBase returns null in Update 40


      The change to make getCodeBase() and getDocumentBase() return null has broken our FindinSite-CD signed applet which is out in the field on many data CDs and similar, ie running locally.  It doesn't provide any more security as our all-permissions applet can still access the same information (once it knows where it is).  The trouble is, the CD may be run from anywhere so I do not know the absolute path in advance. I have found that I can add code so that JavaScript is used to pass the current URL as a PARAM to the APPLET.  However this should not be necessary.


      Can you provide a better fix that does not break all our existing users who update to Update 25 or 40?


      I would be happy for our applet to have access restricted to its own directory or lower.

      Or for an all-permissions applet, make getCodeBase() and getDocumentBase() return the correct values.

      Please see the second link below for a further discussion.


      Bug ID: JDK-8019177 getdocument base should behave the same as getcodebase for file applets

      Oracle's Java Security Clusterfuck


      PS  There is a separate Firefox 23 issue stopping access to local Java applets - this should be fixed this week in version 24.


      Chris Cant

      PHD Computer Consultants Ltd


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          Our company uses the above FindinSite-CD software to provide search functionality on our data CDs and we have done so successfully for many years.  These latest changes in Update 40 have now broken this vital component on our product and will cost us considerably in technical support time and replacing the discs when a fix comes out. Just an end user's perspective!