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    Re: How to add targets manually, in OEM 12C, through command line...

      I am trying to add the rac targets using emcli interface. Before adding rac_database as target type we need to add a cluster. I Used the following command to add a cluster but it fails with internal error. and the log files do not show any error.

      Any idea how to fix this?

      ./emcli add_target -name="bacalbdb01n_cluster" -type="cluster" -host="bacalbdb01n1" -monitor_mode="1" -properties="OracleHome:/u01/crs/oracle/product/11/app;scanName:bacalbdb01n-scan;scanPort:1521" -instances="bacalbdb01n1:host;bacalbdb01n2:host"

      Internal Error: The EM CLI system has encountered an internal error. Details have been added to the EM CLI log files.