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    Field Overflow




      I have a requirement to display the list of Beneficiaries in a paragraph on Print  (eg.,  You have these list of beneficiaries Beneficiary1, Beneficiary2, Beneficiary3 for your policy.) Number of beneficiaries vary depends on the Policy.


      I am familiar with table overflow but not the list. Could you please throw some light how can we achieve this in Documaker Studio?




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          Hi Siva,

          Can you please give some more information about the requirement (input structure/expected output) so that somebody can help you with it.. You should be able to code the similar way as you do with table; depending on the input.


          Thank you,

          Sruthi Jayasimhan

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            Mr Peabody-Oracle

            I'm not sure what "list" you might be thinking about. Later versions of Documaker - (perhaps 11.5 or later?) have a Table object that you can insert on your forms. The table row can have a trigger that will repeat the row based upon the count. See if you can locate the Table object within the Help - probably under the category of Content+Sections.

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              Thank you all for inputs. Here is the XML snippet of my input feed and the expected output.



              <Beneficiary id="Beneficiary1">


                                    <BeneAddressLine1>12345 LANE 1 </BeneAddressLine1>





              <Beneficiary id="Beneficiary2">


                                    <BeneAddressLine1>45678 LANE 2</BeneAddressLine1>






              Expected Output:


              You have these list of beneficiaries "CHARLES, TOM" for your contract.

              Number of beneficiaries vary depends on the policy. So I wanted to use overflow to retrieve the beneficiary details. I am successful in displaying the beneficiary details in the below format using overflow logic at section level.



              But I am expecting the output as below:

              CHARLES, TOM

              Let us know if you have any questions.





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                Mr Peabody-Oracle

                Okay, I would not call that field overflow, but I see what you are trying to do. There is probably a limitation of approximately 1024 characters, but I think you would use a script that looks something like this:


                %lt = XMLFind(%extract, ,"//Beneficiary/BeneName")

                if (XMLFirst(%lt))

                    x = XMLGETCURTEXT(%lt)


                    y = XMLGETCURTEXT(%lt)

                     x = x & ', ' & y




                A given field or value that can be returned from DAL would be limited, so if you assumed 32 character names with a comma and space between each one, I think that means you could get up to 30 names in a field.