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    Import ldif error with warning 5022 can't modify task entry


      Hi Guys,


      This is a new installation of ODSEE (zip distribution) on a CentOS 5 server. When I put it on there I have to grab a few library by hand to get the commands going (glibc.i686, libstdc++.so.6, libz.so.1)


      I created a instance and it started fine, but when I try to import the following ldif:


      dn: c=AU

      objectClass: top

      objectClass: country

      c: AU

      aci: (targetattr="*")(version 3.0; acl "OpenIDM user access"; allow (add,write) userdn="ldap:///cn=openidm user,ou=technical users,c=AU";)



      dn: ou=customers,c=AU

      objectClass: organizationalUnit

      objectClass: top

      ou: customers



      dn: ou=technical users,c=AU

      objectClass: organizationalUnit

      objectClass: top

      ou: technical users



      dn: cn=openidm user,ou=technical users,c=AU

      objectClass: person

      objectClass: organizationalPerson

      objectClass: top

      cn: openidm user

      sn: user

      userPassword: [password]


      I got error:


      - WARNING<5022> - Tasks - conn=-1 op=-1 msgId=-1 -  Can't modify task entry 'cn=import1379317679873,cn=import,cn=tasks,cn=config'

      - Import aborted: could not open LDIF file "example.ldif".


      I am not sure this is a installation issue or a config issue.