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    library issue on update/redeployment of webapplication in weblogic11g(10.3.6) RHEL


      I have installed weblogic11g(10.3.6) in RHEL5.

      I have a webapplication which requires native libraries path.

      So, before starting weblogic server using (./startWeblogic.sh) I am exporting LD_LIBRARY_PATH with the path to my native shared objects.


      using console, I am able to deploy my web application and it started and working fine.


      Later I made some changes in my webapplication folder. To make use of updated properties, in console I am updating the web application already deployed and running.


      It ended up with unsatisfiedlinkage error (as my native lib code was in load-on-startup servrlet).

      and web application failed to work.


      Again if I restart weblogic server, web application deployment success and application works.


      But is there any way to make it work without restarting?


      My guess is somewhere weblogic server overwritting LD_LIBRARY_PATH with it's own while updating the webapplication.  Any help how to fix this?