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    RTF to PDF Report Creates a Blank Page at the end, despite trying all the fixes




      I know this happens a lot and I have looked at the other threads in OTN and elsewhere. So far I have tried:


      1. Insure all the for-each and for-each-group have split-by-page-group commands.

      2. Removed all white spaces and returns at the end of the report, and elsewhere they are not needed.

      3. Reduced the size of the paragraph markers in Word to a character size of 1. In both body and footer.

      4. Used start:body and end:body.

      5. Removed word page breaks. Then tried it replacing them with split-by-page-breaks.

      6. Insured that all of the tables, words, sub-templates, and other items DO NOT exceed the page margins.


      Nothing has stopped that extra blank page from appearing at the end of the report. To complicate matters we only get it on very large reports. 1000+ records.


      I know of the @condition in the IF statement but cannot find anything to fully explain how it should be used. Besides the report does not have an IF at the end of the report.


      Searching on Google and everything that shows up indicates I've already checked it out. Any ideas are welcome at this point.


      I hope someone has an idea that will work. I will happily provide copies of the template to any who want to look at it.


      Thanks in advance.