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    edqp: datalens server is offline


      Hello Experts,


      I have my datalens server showing offline. this is a single server (admin/transform share 50:50 resources) configuration with this datalens server in a server group (admin)


      having said that, i am still able to develop and test changes in knowledge/application studio but a job fails to run with no datalens server available error message.


      What can be a possible issue?


      I have this datalens server configured with the "physical name" of the server in the server group but had changed the listening address in weblogic to the "logical name" of the server. And i am able to access the datalens application using the "logical name" but not the "physical name". I am not sure if that was the case initially....


      i am not able to add a new datalens server in the server group (admin).... server group name (admin) do not show in the drop down or either change this "physical name"  to the "logical name".


      is this name issue has to do with server showing offline?