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    E-Business R12 Inactive User Issues



      I just went live in production with EBS 12.1.3 and we are havinga major issue. I was hoping that someone might have seen this. I log into Apps (32-Bit for both apps and dbtier) and the number of inactive users for Apps steadily increases to reach the max processes for the database). Once this happens no one can get in...:


      SQL> l
        1  select s.status, count(1), s.username from v$process p,v$session s where
        2  paddr(+) = addr
        3* group by s.status, s.username order by 1
      SQL> /

      -------- ---------- ------------------------------
      ACTIVE           28 APPS
      ACTIVE            1 SYS
      ACTIVE           28
      INACTIVE        190 APPS
      INACTIVE          1 DBSNMP

      There are really no users in now yet the counts are hight. Most of the connections that are inactive are for JDBC Thin Client. Any suggestions?