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    Email reminders


      Hi all,


      I'm new to ODI and was hoping to get some input on sending email reminders.


      I have an Oracle table with email address and expiration date. I want ODI to send an email to the user 5 days, 3 days, and 1 day before the expiration date.


      How can i accomplish this task?



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          You need to do the following:


          1) Create an ODI procedure

          2) In the source tab specify the logical schema which is associated with the physical schema containing the table with the email adresses and expiration dates.

          3) In the source command create a query which returns all email adresses based on the date criteria specified

          4) In the target tab set ODI Tools as the technology

          5) Use the ODISendEmail tool to generate an email using the values returned by the source tab query for the address field making use of the in built looping functionality to iterate through all returned entries.

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            Hi SH,


            Thanks for the response. I followed steps 1-4 to create the procedure.

            In step 5, i created a package and dragged the procedure into the diagram. Then i dropped an OdiSendMail into to same area.

            In the properties of the Procedure, under the advanced tab, i selected OdiSendMail (Processing after sucess)


            How do i specify the To: parameter In the properties of OdiSendMail to refer to the values returned by the Procedure? And where do i set up the in built looping functionality?

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              Please disregard the above questions. I figured it out. I went down the wrong path when i created the package. I did some more searching of some of the keywords in your answer and came across a step by step tutorial that illustrated the steps your are referring to.