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    Notification rules (false positives)




      I am curious to know how people are handling notifications, especially critical notifications that get sent as an SMS.


      What we did with OEM Grid was feed all alerts into Nagios and let Nagios manage schedules, escalations, and it also filtered out false positives.


      My great hope with OEM Cloud Control was that we could get rid of Nagios and just use CC. But we cannot filter out false positives, with any little network glitch we will get a down alert then an up alert.


      We tried putting in a rule that says 'only send out a notification when host/db/service has been down 10 minutes', but if you do that you don’t get clear notifications. I raised an SR to Oracle who seemed to think that was normal behavior.


      It looks like we will have to go down the Nagios path again, but would like to hear from others in a similar situation.