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    M-Board ASUS P8H67-M PRO with Intel Core i7-2600 not supported?


      I am encountering the following issue, trying to install Solaris 11.1 on multiple machines with the same hardware:

      Motherboard ASUS P8H67-M PRO with processor Intel Core i7-2600.

      Using the Live-CD, after grub having booted the system, merely the first line on the black screen appears. Then the system stops and the keyboard is blocked.

      The same issue occurs, booting from a hard disk, where S11.1 was installed successfully on another machine (other hardware) from just that Live-CD. (I changed the disks). Although the check sum of the CD was ok, I also tried downloading the Live-CD a second time. So the CD is ok.

      Is this motherboard / this processor not supported by Solaris 11.1?