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    IRecruitment create vacancy FYI


      Dear All,


      i have requirement in IRecruitment that when Manager creates vacancy, no approval needed but just FYI notification should be sent to the Recruiter Team.


      so i end dated the "IRecruitment Create Vacancy" Rule and created new Rule "IRecruitment Create Vacancy FYI" with For your Information as its type, and when creating the vacancy in the approval list, it is correct showing that there is no approval and just the Recruiter Team will get notified only.


      but the problem here that the system says vacancy is pending approval and it is not created till i run the "Workflow Background Process" Request.


      when i am removing the "IRecruitment Create Vacancy FYI" , it is working fine as there is no approval or FYI.


      i need the vacancy to be created immediately when creating the vacancy and Recruiter team get notified.


      Any Help??!

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          Charlie R

          Hi Adel


          I needed the exact same thing within HR Self Service and didn't experience any problems just creating a List Creation: For Your Information Rule- this simply auto approved the transcation and issued the FYI accordingly.


          Have you got the Condition VACANCY_INSERT_OR_UPDATE in (INSERT) set up?


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            Dear Charlie,


            Thanks for your reply, but i still have the same problem.


            Actually i am creating new rule with the below conditions:-


            Category : For Your Information







            approval-group chain of authority                    Require approval from HR Africa Coordinators



            Actually this rule is working fine and sending notification but my problem is that when creating the vacancy, its saying that vacancy submitted for approval which is wrong, i needed it to be created automatically.


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              Charlie R

              Hi Adel

              Sounds like your rule set up is correct then.

              Do you have the 'HR:Defer Update After Approval' Profile Option set accordingly?  As per Metalink note: Approving Vacancies Still Show as Pending Approval (Doc ID 452595.1)


              Not sure why it would be this as you don've have any approval rules, but may be worth just checking before progressing it as a bug.



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                Dear Charlie,


                Yea this profile option helped me to ignore running the request everytime but in the same time , the message kept saying "Your Vacancy is submitted for approval" which made me go to the change the message subject to meet my requirements, i didn't have any other idea.. Thanks for your help.

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                  Charlie R

                  Hi Adel


                  The message when you submit it is standard, it'll say it has sent for approval even if it isn't (this message can be changed via personalization), has it actually submitted a notification which is pending approval.  Take a look in status monitor, are there any active notifications if so, who does it say it is with?




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                    Dear Charlie,

                    i believe that this message is editable, i already changed it to make it as "Your Vacancy has been created successfuly" , i did that from Application -> Messages


                    Message Name: IRC_412110_VACANCY_SUBMIT_NEW


                    it worked for me but as workaround. if you have any other solution it would be great for me, Thanks .

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                      Charlie R

                      So is an actual workflow notification actually pending approval- Or is it simply the message that is the issue?  If it is just the message then what you have done is the only workaround, the seeded messages do not adapt to individual circumstances.

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                        Actually what i realized that the issue is happening only if i am using FYI Category without Approver one, but if i use in the creation of the vacation that it should be approved then FYI being sent , it is working fine.


                        but the requirements that they dont need approval and they just need a notification to be sent.


                        the issue when making it FYI only, that the vacancy is not created and system says that "Vacancy has been submitted for approval" except after running the "Workflow background Process" Request, but once i change the above Profile option, it is created directly, but the only problem is the message is saying the same  "Vacancy has been submitted for approval", so thats why i had to change the Message content.