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    Apex file to assign mime_types to avoid application / octet-stream error


      I am currently running Apex 4.2


      I have been working on an application to play FLV (Flash Video) files.


      I have other applications, or pages, that will browse for a video file (such as mpeg or wmv), upload it and insert it into my MEDIA table and play them in the browser from Apex. The MIME_TYPE on these videos would be something along the lines of video / x-ms-wmv or video / mpeg.


      However, when it comes to FLV files ( and certain other ones), there is a problem with the MIME_TYPE. The video file is able to be uploaded and inserted into the table, but it does not play and the MIME_TYPE for this file reads application / octet-stream.


      I have been researching all over the web as I am not sure where to make edits or what file to make edits to but is there a file that I can edit so that apex recognizes the flv extension? So when its assigning MIME_TYPES, it knows that the extension .flv should have the MIME_TYPE video / x-flv.


      Thanks in advance for your feedback