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    Forms 11g Server compilation issues: FRM-18108: Failed to load the following objects


      Attempting to upgrade to 11g (Forms 11 Version on Linux) from 9i.
      Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

      Compiling an FMB on the server (not windows PC) is giving error FRM-18108: Failed to load the following objects. The compiler is unable to find OLB files and PLL files. This seems to be a config issue but I cannot track it down.

      We have a /nhbcapps/lib for library and object library (pll, olb) files and we have a /nhbcapps/bin for executables (mmx, fmx, plx)

      We have our own envmt file, cdb.env (in same folder as default.env):


      Please could anyone help get this working?