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    how To configure WLS 10.3 to connect to Sybase 15 or 12 using SSL


      im trying to configure WLS 10.3 to connect to sybase 15 using SSL , all the configuration is made on the connection pool are setting these properties :







      i read that if i enable SSL communication between Sybase and WLS 10.3  then you must include the SYBSOCKET_FACTORY property in the value that you specify for the Connection Properties parameter

      In other words, the following must be part of the string that you enter as the value of the parameter:


      Replace VALUE with the of the class that implements com.sybase.jdbcx.SybSocketFactory; or "DEFAULT", which instantiates a new java.net.Socket( ).


      i tried all this and i keep getting the below error


      when testing the connection i keep getting an error telling me that

      JZ0NF: Unable to load an instance of com.sybase.jdbcx.SybSocketFactory. Verify the SYBSOCKET_FACTORY property to insure that you have spelled the class name correctly, that the package is fully specified, that the class is available in your class path, and that it has a public zero-argument constructor.<

      im sure that this class is in the class path of the server ,

      please can any body help me how to configure WLS to connect to Sybase through SSL ?