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    Peoplesoft Test Framework 8.53 Object not found error


      I've had varying success with tests in PTF. Some of the simple one work fine and are reproduceable, but I'm having a strange issue.


      Trying to add a Vendor, then log off and log on as another user and do the Approval. The vendor creation works fine, and the logout. Login as new user, navigate to the Vendor page, do the approval. All good with the recording.


      On playback, Everything is fine until the Approver tries to bring up the recently created Vendor. I put that as a variable in the script, and on the replay, can see it entered. However, once the part comes where the link with the Vendor name has to be clicked, I receive the "Object Not Found, or Frame Access Denied". I have confirmed the correct Link name is being used.


      Another variation is where (on the Approval step) I just click Search (Update/Display), and click on one of the values returned. In these cases, I receive "Page PromptOK: Multiple Values returned after Search", and it errors.


      PTF seems to be fine for simple data entry pages, but I can't understand why it won't work for clicking on a link, when buttons work fine.


      Hoping for someone with some more experience to help...