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    Corefactor for Intel E5430




      im trying to find out if a server equiped with to sockets Intel E5430 with 4 cores is counted with a corefactor with 0.5 or 1.


      Oracle corefactor-sheet says:

      factor 0.5:


      "Intel Xeon Series 56XX, Series 65XX, Series 75XX, Series E7-28XX, Series E7-48XX, Series E7-88XX, Series E5-24XX, Series E5-26XX, Series E5-46XX, Series E5-16XX, Series E3-12XX

      or earlier Multicore chips"

         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ <- does this mean Intel E5430?



      factor 1:


      "All Other Multicore chips"


      Can somebody clarify this or give an advice?


      with regards,