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    convert SQL DB2008  into oracle express 12c  by sql developer


      Hi Friends,



      I set up a SQL 2008 expresses for prod database. I run OMWB_OFFLINE_CAPTURE and receive a complete source ocp file


      I convert ocp into Oracle express12c  DB  by sql developer( But failure with error

      oracle.dbtools.metadata.persistence.PersistenceException: ORA-06550: line 1, column 14: PLS-00201: identifier 'MIGRATION.GATHERCONNECTIONSTATS' must be declared ORA-06550: line 1, column 7: PL/SQL: Statement ignored


      Based on search and reviewed migrated tables, I found that I only migrated SQL sql system objects and did not see any user's object with SQL dbo prefix


      OMWB_OFFLINE_CAPTURE sa P@$$w0rd1234 backsql  test

      The SQL server database was generated by s a vendor software and  we do not know which user own application data.


      how do I get sql server dbo tables into ocp file for migration.



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             I have run a test on my systems using SQL*Developer 3.2 and do not see the problem that you have.

          Can I check what you have done and the steps followed ?


          1. You generated the ocp file from the menu - Tools - Migration - Create Database Capture Scripts

          2. After running OMWB_OFFLINE_CAPTURE do you see 2 directories under the directory chosen for the migration ?

          You should see - 2 directories - 'master' and 'backsql'


          3. In the migration wizard -

          Tools - Migration - Migrate


          for 'Source' database you chose 'Offline' and then the .ocp file generated - sqlserver2008.ocp


          4. In the next screen 'Capture' you shoud see the 'backsql' database in the 'Selected Databases' column. If it is in 'Available  Databases' then move it across.


          If this is what you see then the migration should preceed as expected.


          5. In the next screen - Target Database - choose 'Offline' and check the scripts that are generated.


          They should contain the create statements for all the objects in the 'backsql' database.


          If this is not what you see then please detail the exact steps you have followed.




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            Thanks for your help.

            I could migrate SQL object into oracle but it failure data moving.


            I double checked  I saw all ctl file and oracle_ctl windoe batch file but not data file. so even

            oracle_ctl dbo_sqldb_2 dbo_sqldb_2_2@test works. however no data  is loaded into oracle.


            I do not know which step make issue that does not generated SQL data file  and only generate clt file?