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    Data admin tool kit - Qualitative look up




      Business wants to change the qualiative look up item in data admin tool kit.

      Currently we have a Qualitative look up Test Type and it has the Qualitative look up items as





      Business wants to change the description after the hyphen,  i.e. change “Ignored” to  “Required - Ignore Integration

      Changing the qualitative look up item has any other implications? What is the maximum character limit? Please advise.


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          You are essentially just changing the translation value so the only implication is if you change the actual meaning.  For example, if you changed Required to be Optional, all existing selections that were once "required" will now be "optional".    I'm not sure if your example is changing the meaning or if you are just being more explicit.  Another option would be to archive the previous value and create a new one.   Then you can handle any migration issues manually or using a db script.


          I believe the character limit is 150.


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