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    Upgrade to from 6.8 on a Simple Install


      Hi All,


      This is my configuration


      Host Machine = Windows Server 2008 64 Bit



      We have a simple install of OBIEE, so there is no managed server and no clustering. We want to upgrade to I read it from ritttman's blog that "in place" upgrade on simple install in not possible? If somebody has done it by manually doing some changes, can you please share the link with me? Also, if it is possible this way, is it worth doing it considering all the manual changes / errors we face while doing. Is it recommended?


      Also, If I go about doing a fresh installation of OBIEE 7.1 on the same host machine (in a separate middleware home folder) which already have weblogic running and OBIEE version 6.8  running, will that work? Can I install 7.1 on the same physical machine which already have 6.8 runining with simple install?


      I'll really appreciate any help/pointers on this, Please let me know.