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    Solaris 11 ssh ControlMaster support?


      I am trying to run use "net::openssh" perl script, which is using ssh multiplexing  i.e. ControlMaster, and I am getting an error illegal option -- M..., is there any way to turn on multiplexing on Solaris 11 in the ssh client, or we are forcd to compile from source?


      perl script used


      #!/bin/perl -w

      use Net::OpenSSH;


      my $ssh = Net::OpenSSH->new(


        ssh_cmd => '/bin/ssh',

        timeout => 10,

        user => user,

        password => passwd


      my @cmd = (ls => '-a');



      The script returns the errors below.


      /bin/ssh: illegal option -- M

      /bin/ssh: illegal option -- S

      ssh: illegal option -- M

      Usage: ssh [options] host [command]





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          Did you happen to find a solution to this problem? I've just run into this myself.


          irritating.. I have 12 solaris 11 hosts out of the 1200 servers my script needs to run against. I'm leaning towards just moving these 12 to linux because they are headaches in a dozen other ways as well when it comes to system automation, etc...

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            unfortunately I didn't find any workaround, Solaris SSH is an old fork of openssh and dose not support the multithreading option. I cant comment on your Solaris 11 > Linux environment, most of our environment's where migrated from 10 to 11.1, and all I can say is Solaris rocks, features you find in Solaris you can find on any other OS in the market just to name a few ZFS, BE, IPS, FMA, SMF, etc..