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    EBS Multiple Apps node with individual web entry without loadbalancer?




      We are trying to create 4  (apps1, 2, 3, 4) R12 application servers with one DB server.

      We wanted each machine to serve specific groups of users.

      Basically we wanted them to access each own web url and apps services in each machine (we do not want a auto load balancing):

      apps1.mycompany.com:8001 = org1 users

      apps2.mycompany.com:8001 = org2 users

      apps3.mycompany.com:8001 = org3 users

      apps4.mycompany.com:8001 = org4 users


      With this setup we are experiencing:

      Multiple Application Nodes Configured Without Load Balancer Cause Login Redirection (Doc ID 1362885.1)


      Is it possible to do this without hardware load balancer?

      Or will a DNS load balancer  enough for our setup?


      Will the concurrent jobs for each org be processed on each own server? ( org4 -> apps4 )


      Thank you.