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    Page break <xsl:attribute name="break-before">page</xsl:attribute> not working as expected




      Below is XML structure for Pack Slip Report



         <?CF_FROM_LOCATION?>  ......<?C_SHIP_DATE?>


        <?if@row:position() mod 1=0?> <xsl:attribute name="background-color" xdofo:ctx="incontext">#DDDDDD</xsl:attribute><?end if?>
      <?end for-each?>


           <?CONTAINER_NAME?> ....<?CP_TOT_VOL_MASTER_MT?>
         <?CF_ITEM_NUM?> .. <?CF_EXPIRY_DATE?> ..
              <?if:CP_HAZ_FLAG !=0 ?> 
            <?CP_LABEL1?> ....<?CP_LABEL7?>
              <?end if?>
             <?end for-each?>
        <?end for-each?>

         <?if: CF_UNSHIPPED = 'Y'?> 
             <?end for-each?>
         <?end if?>

      <?end for-each?>


      1.Tried Page break <xsl:attribute name="break-before">page</xsl:attribute> at <?for-each:G_PARENT_LPN_NO?>

      Though it is breaking at each LPN but getting extra page in the begining and also one page with printing sales order.


      2.Used <?split-by-page-break:?> before <?end for-each?> for group G_PARENT_LPN_NO  but no success


      Let me know if there is any otherway we can acheive page break for each LPN change