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    Issue while calling COBOL program from Component Interface in PeopleSoft HRMS 9.2


      In HRMS 9.2, I am facing problem while calling the remote call function through component interface. In GP_ABS_EESS_REQ (Navigation Main Menu > Self Service > Time Reporting > Report Time > Absence Request) component, we have “Forecast Balance” button as shown below:



      This button checks for eligibility for leave being applied. While using component interface, it executes FORCAST_PB field change event peoplecode which contains a remote call to a cobol program as below:




      I am getting following error while executing it via component interface:


      (2,148) - Think-time PeopleCode event (RemoteCall), but a SQL update has occurred in the commit interval. (2,148) FUNCLIB_GP_ABS.FCST_PB.FieldFormula Name:Abs_ForecastExec  PCPC:5311  Statement:60

      Called from:GP_ABS_EESS_REQ.GBL.DERIVED_ABS_SS.FCST_PB.FieldChange  Statement:26

      (91,34) - Error changing value. {Z_GP_ABS_EESS_REQ_CI.FCST_PB} (91,34)

      (18,2) - Data being added conflicts with existing data. (18,2)

      (91,37) - Error saving Component Interface. {Z_GP_ABS_EESS_REQ_CI} (91,37)


        After commenting out this line of code, I was able to save the CI successfully. But I need to execute this statement before saving CI so that I can check the eligibility for leave being applied. Can anyone help me on this issue?