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    Standards for the fusion apps customization/extension


      Hi All,


      We are looking for the standards to be followed for the customization and extensions to be developed for the fusion applications.

      Some of the key points we are looking for


      1. Application naming and how many application should we go for a pillar, let say financials we want to customize at AP, AR, FA and GL so what oracle recommend here for applications and project naming conventions.

      2. Should we create a single application with different projects or we should go every time with a new application, create deploy and forget.


      Now for the Extension also what are the recommendation for the Extension.


      1. What is recommendation for application creation, project naming and package naming convention.

      2. How many applications oracle recommend to create for a pillar like financials, and recommendation for the development.


      It may be there are more which oracle recommended for the FA customization and extension, please provide.


      Please ....Please dont paste link to extensibility guide or developer guide, we have almost gone through that.



      Vipin Kumar

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          Vik Kumar-Oracle



          It totally depends on the scale at which your team is doing/planning these customizations. On naming there are no rules as such. However, as a guideline try to have a non conflicting package naming convention for all your customizations and extensions. That should be easy by just adding your company name in the package names. 


          For extensions where you have to deploy the newly built artifacts, the standard is to prefix the jar/war or any other deployed artifact name with XX. So, if you are deploying employee.jar name the deployment profile as XXemployee.jar . This will make sure that any future upgrades or patching wont wipe your own deployed artifacts. 


          One thing that is not documented in the Rel 6 version is to avoid using the package name oracle.apps.cust  as it is internally reserved by MDS team. This is fixed in later versions of documentation.


          Regarding your question on number of applications etc. It would be good to maintain one application per product family. If your team is distributed over geographic areas then use version controlling to coordinate the modification on the same set of files.  Whether it's a run time customization or a design time customization, remember that a single MDS document is maintained per layer. As an example if you make a runtime customization on HrViewEmployee.jsff at Global layer and then if you wish to do some design time customizations using JDeveloper on the same page fragment at the Global layer then MDS will only maintain the version which is saved later.  Which further means that if more then one developer will attempt to customize the same artifact without the knowledge of prior customizations made by other developers then there are fair chances to wipe out previous customizations. So, to avoid/minimize it, the best would be to let the entire team always work on a single version controlled copy of customization artifacts.


          Hope this helps





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            Hi Vik,


            Its surprising that oracle has not set any recommendation or best practice for the fusion apps customization and extension, while we know its quite unstable and on the top of that no standards been defined and put on the mercy of the implementers .......great opening the cans of worms.