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    Computation process to compute value after submit after all the validations




      Please help with a possible approach or any suggestions about the computation process.


      I have a computation process after submit which I want to compute its value only after all the validations are processed. Because this computation process trim's off the first part of the user input string for the item P3_USES. So for example consider; user selects a value for P3_USES (List Manager item) to be "TAC..BCA..BCA..BCA..0..CA BC..CA IT BC". So my computation process just trims off first part of the string and computes the value to be "BCA..BCA..BCA..0..CA BC..CA IT BC". This works fine when all the validations on the page are passed without firing.


      The problem occurs, when any of the validation fails on the form. Once the validation is failed, the computation process; already computes the value and the form item P3_USES value is set to "BCA..BCA..BCA..0..CA BC..CA IT BC". So, here the user fixes the validation issue and again submits the form but at this point the value is again computed but this time my string is "BCA..BCA..BCA..0..CA BC..CA IT BC" which is not correct because my original user input string was "TAC..BCA..BCA..BCA..0..CA BC..CA IT BC".


      So my question is their a way to process the value of my computation after all the validations. So that I can retain the original value for the item P3_USES. I am using Oracle APEX 4.0 version and Oracle 10g R2 database.