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      • 15. Re: Database migration from NON ASM to ASM

        Sorry, I was confused about the approach you were using. Were all you conversion steps ran successfully including system and undo conversion? As you are moving to ASM , did you convert all other tablespaces as well? Which document you are following?

        • 16. Re: Database migration from NON ASM to ASM

          This is what I used when I ran the conversion through RMAN:


          Started up database in read only mode


          Connected to RMAN as rman target / and I used the following command for the convert:


          convert database new database 'xfwbudb' transport script 'C:\Users\Administrator\xfwbudb_convert\transport.sql' to platform 'Linux x86 64-bit' db_file_name_convert 'C:\APP\ADMINISTRATOR\ORADATA\WIFI' 'C:\Users\Administrator\xfwbudb_convert';



          So I converted all the data files included Undo and System, and then I moved whatever file placed onto the destination folder 'C:\Users\Administrator\xfwbudb_convert' of source platform to the destination platform server.


          My next step was using the asmcmd to copy the converted files from Non ASM to ASM. pfile has been updated and control file was created successfully on the new server. I'm just struggling when open database with reset logs.


          I was working around this issue for the last three days and am just wondering if the caused by the convert command I used above!


          Do you think I used the convert command mistakenly? The reason I said that because I haven't included FORMAT syntax to the convert command as format '+BUDB_DATAG'? but I used a regular file system path and then those files have been stored on ASM using asmcmd.


          The database is very big so I don't want to do it again if you don't think there is something wrong with convert syntax.


          Thanks for any given feedback.

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            Hemant K Chitale

            I would ask why you got this error :

            >ORA-39700: database must be opened with UPGRADE option

            Are the source and destnation rdbms executables at the same version and patchset level ?


            Hemant K Chitale

            • 18. Re: Database migration from NON ASM to ASM

              Was not on the same version, was my bad though. I ran the same version and it works fine now.


              Now, I want to upgrade the new database from which I have now my destination new platform to, is there any useful link which could walk me through from .1 to .4 directly on the same server? and should I need to upgrade my ASM which left on version to to the newest release?

              • 19. Re: Database migration from NON ASM to ASM

                TSharma wrote:


                TRY THIS:

                alter database open resetlogs upgrade;

                Also, check your source and destination database are same at version and patch level.

                @993806 : This is the first question I asked. You could have saved everybody's time.


                You should open a new Post for your new question in order to get more responses from people.

                • 20. Re: Database migration from NON ASM to ASM

                  I guess you misunderstood me. I think I'm good to go with the migration. I was just asking you that I want to upgrade my new database release from to I guess this is the latest release. is it straight forward though? and would I need to upgrade my current release of ASM which on release to the latest release as well?


                  Thanks for your given efforts working with me on this issue!

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