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    Browser Script and Open UI

      We've encountered an issue where the Open UI client doesn't appear to use existing Browser Script. We have the Standard HI client and the Open UI client both running on the same web/app server with cloned object managers. The standard HI client is calling the browser script (there is a simple alert in the load event of an applet), but the Open UI client does not for the same applet. I can go into Develpoer mode in Chrome or IE9 for the Open UI client and look through the script that it's pulled in and I don't see any script pulled down for the srf######### directory. I do the same for IE9 and the Standard HI client and I can see all the browser script for the srf####### directory. We are running

      I'm hoping it's just a switch, config setting on the cloned Open UI object manager or something that we just missed setting. Or perhaps deploying the browser script is different in the Open UI world.

      Thanks to anyone who can provide insight or can confirm that they've gotten it to work for themselves.
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          The Deployment Guide (1499842.1) states:

          Migrating browser scripting

          There should be no requirement to change the client side browser scripting to run Siebel Open UI. Customer must ensure however that no browser specific JavaScript is implemented in existing browser scripts to ensure function beyond the traditionally supported browsers.

          Specific methods in Siebel have been enhanced or changed for a variety of reasons such as security. These methods include:

           WriteRecord: WriteRecord method in browser script failing in the Siebel [ID 1551530.1]

           ProfileAttributes: Why is GetProfileAttr/SetProfileAttr not Working in Siebel [ID 1546662.1]

          o SetPRofileAttr

          o GetPRofileAttr

          Information on Scripting related information for these methods can be found at the links above