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    Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC

    Sami A.

      are there any free/opensource ODBC drivers available on solaris10 64bit
      platform that will work with this gateway ? 


      oracle document is mentioning  datadirect  but they cost money.


      I am trying to build an HS gateway on Solaris to talk to SQL server.



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          Microsoft is currently only providing an ODBC driver for MS SQL Server for MS Windows or Linux platforms. So one option you have is to move DG4ODBC from the Solaris platform to Windows or Linux and then connect from your Oracle database on Solaris to DG4ODBC installed on a different machine which will then connect with the ODBC driver to the SQL Server.


          In addition there's also a free ODBC driver from FreeTDS which you can compile from a source file on Solaris. This driver requires (as many other ODBC drivers as well) an ODBC driver manager which is available from www.unixODBC.org also for free.

          The disadvantage of FreeTDS is that it might cause some problems with DG4ODBC as DG4ODBC requires a level 3 compliant ODBC driver which fully supports the 64bit standard and when you now have an issue that is related to the ODBC driver you might have problems to get a fix from them.


          So please take care if you really want to use a driver for free in a production environment instead of purchasing a commercial ODBC driver for example from DataDirect, Easysoft or Openlink.

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            Sami A.

            what about the Openlink driver i just found this on web  Single-tier ODBC Driver for Oracle (Lite Edition) ?

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              Openlink is fine, but the driver you mentioned i wrong. You are trying to connect from your Oracle database so you will need an ODBC Driver for the SQL server. As you are going to use DG4ODBC on Solaris the driver must also be a 64bit driver.


              There's no certification process of foreign ODBC drivers that can be used with DG4ODBC. The requirements are documented on the manual and best would be to install the driver and test it. Most vendors offer a trial period that can be extended for some time.

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                Sami A.

                I just talked to Openlink support and its not free  .so I guess i will go for  FreeTDS

                is there any document available on how to configure FreeTDS with DG4ODBC on Solaris ?

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                  There's no document available how to configure DG4ODBC with FreeTDS, but you can use the note based on the DataDirect ODBC driver: How to Configure DG4ODBC on 64bit Unix OS (Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX Itanium) to Connect to Non-Oracle Databases Post Install (Doc ID 561033.1)

                  Just make sure to use the correct libraries (unixODBC Driver manager library is commonly called libodbc.so) and verify the ODBC driver is working before you start configuring DG4ODBC. The commands I commonly use to compile unixODBC and FreeTDS are:




                  export PATH

                  CFLAGS="-m64 -DBUILD_REAL_64_BIT_MODE"

                  export CFLAGS

                  CXXFLAGS="-m64 -DBUILD_REAL_64_BIT_MODE"

                  export CXXFLAGS


                  export CPPFLAGS


                  export LD_LIBRARY_PATH


                  ./configure --prefix=/u01/odbc64/product/unixODBC --sysconfdir=/u01/odbc64/product/unixODBC --enable-gui=no --enable-drivers=no

                  make >make.log

                  sudo make install >>make.log


                  and FreeTDS:

                  ./configure --prefix=/u01/odbc64/product/FreeTDS/0.91 --with-unixodbc=/u01/odbc64/product/unixODBC --enable-msdblib --with-tdsver=8.0

                  make >make2.log

                  sudo make install >>make2.log


                  The odbc.ini file I use looks like:


                  Driver =/u01/odbc64/product/FreeTDS/0.91/lib/libtdsodbc.so

                  Server = sqlserver.de.oracle.com

                  #Database = AdventureWorks

                  Database = gateway

                  Port = 1433

                  TDS_Version = 8.0