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    Difference in application upgrade approaches from Weblogic 10.0 to Weblogic 10.3.6




      I am new to Weblogic 10.3.6. Till now I was using Weblogic 10 and now we are planning to migrate to Weblogic 10.3.

      While going through the Oracle documentation, I came across 3 different approaches for application upgrade.


      Choose one of the following ways to upgrade your Portal 9.2 or 10.0/10.2 application to 10.3: 

      • Open an existing 9.2 or 10.0/10.2 portal application as a workspace in Workshop for WebLogic
      • Import an existing exploded 9.2 or 10.0/10.2 project into Workshop for WebLogic
      • Import an archived 9.2 or 10.0/10.2 project file into Workshop for WebLogic.


      I know the steps to execute all the above mentioned appraoches, but I want to know the pros and cons of all of them to decide which one should I go with.


      Please help.