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    11g application server, client side login issue-oracle forms

    Lasheen Mihik

      I Installed oracle 11g2 application server on windows 2008r2. Installed Weblogic . All installations were successful. But when running the forms URL it prompts for the user name/password and the database credentials. The application seems to be frozen  and we have to refresh and again into the credentials few times to get the application logged into  .. Please give me a solution for this.


      (Java version on the client Client os version xp/win7 64bit/32/bit)


      Tried out solutions are (but failed to fix the issue)

      1. Changing the browser and the browser version.

      2. Changing the java verison.

      3. In the forms log it says fatal client side error....

      [2013-09-17T10:53:52.073-07:00] [WLS_FORMS] [ERROR] [FRM-91230] [oracle.forms.servlet] [tid: 11] [userId: <anonymous>] [ecid: 0000K4h3dF95qYWFLzQLOA1IE4TU00009y,0] [SRC_CLASS: oracle.forms.servlet.RunformProcess] [APP: formsapp#11.1.2] [SRC_METHOD: fromFrmwebToODL] fatal error in runtime process: timeout on connection to Java client]

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          Lasheen Mihik

          Hello , I am writing to inform you all to say that I found the solution. Anyhow I saw there were some posts saying to change the Java version of the client side that I did but did not work. But the solution I found is as explained below.

          There are some settings in the Java in your computer  that must be changed in order to use it.


          • Go to control panel.
          • Select Java.
          • After opening the Java control panel go to advance tag.
          • Disable the Java plug-in by unchecking   "Enable the next-generation plugin....." as shown below
          • Apply the changes and restart the browser.
          • URL will work.
          • Recommended browser for this IE



          Inline image 1


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