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    Cannot override "codebase" with javaws -codebase argument with java 1.7.0_40


      I have a jnlp application. The online installation is working perfectly.

      But when I try to install it from cd or hard disc, it is not working. The -codebase parameter will be ignored.

      I am offline and java always tries to download the source files from the "codebase" of the .jnlp file ignoring the override parameter.

      When I try the "javaws -codebase file:///c://test -import c:\test\test.jnlp" I get an error "application cannot be installed" and a detailed information "unable to download the application from location http:...".


      I am using the java 1.7.0_40 32 bit version.


      None of the described solutions in the following links are working:




      How to use the Java Web Start CD-Install feature ?


      i have searched the web but I couldnt find a solution or a confirmation that this is a bug. I searched the bug data bank too, but I couldnt find anything.


      Any help will be much appreciated. Actually I just want to do a very simple thing.


      If I am online while performing the import with the -codebase override argument then java download the application from the original .jnlp "codebase" web adress.

      HINT: With a windows 64 bit and java 64 bit the import works offline and the override works too.